Webmail is a handy replacement for PC and phone e-mail apps if you don't have access to your personal computer and also you don't have a smart phone. You'll be able to gain access to your e-mails through any Internet browser, so you can remain in touch with people when you travel and you go to an Internet cafe, for example. Webmail applications are rather advanced, so not only will you be able to send and receive emails, but you will also be able to work with an address book, make a personalized signature as well as set up new folders, that will later come in your PC email app. It is important to know that the email messages displayed in the webmail are the ones on the server, so in case you set up an email in a PC program using the POP protocol, the messages will be saved on your hard drive and they won't be available in the webmail. The answer in this case is to apply the IMAP protocol when you set up your e-mails in a desktop computer application.
Webmail RoundCube in Shared Hosting
We provide an advanced webmail client with each and every shared hosting plan we offer. The software is known as Roundcube and it comes with a lots of capabilities, so even if you do not have any e mail app installed on your computer, feel free to use Roundcube as a completely functional e-mail app. With some clicks, it will be possible to check your email, create an address book, modify the time zone, create different identities or HTML signatures, and more. You'll be able to access Roundcube by simply clicking on any email in your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel or by typing a URL in your browser and entering your e-mail and also the related password. You can also setup a customized URL through Hepsia, so if the mailboxes that you make will be used by a business, for example, the workers is able to access their e mail using the company domain.
Webmail RoundCube in Semi-dedicated Hosting
When you order a semi-dedicated server package through our company, you'll be able to deal with your email messages via a feature-rich webmail application known as Roundcube. You have access to any mailbox from any location by entering the webmail’s URL inside a browser and typing in the email address and its corresponding password, or when you have access to your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, you can just click on virtually any email and sign in to Roundcube without typing in any password. If you need, you may also create a custom web address for the webmail and use it instead of the standard one - a practical option if you host the site of some company or organization. Roundcube may be used as a main email application because it has a lot of features - address book, aliases, HTML signatures, and a lot more.