If you get your own hosting server, you will find that server administration differs from shared website hosting account administration. The reason is that shared accounts are made on physical hosting servers, which are handled by the provider, while if you have a server of your own, the server management tasks will be your responsibility. These include software installation procedures and updates, monitoring and rebooting procedures, etc., so in case you do not have very much practical experience or you can't spend lots of time on this type of tasks, you can use the administration services which we offer with our server solutions. These include a huge number of server administration tasks our system admins and tech support team shall take care of, so that you can focus on creating and developing your websites or on running Internet marketing campaigns to bring in more potential clients.
Administration Services in Dedicated Hosting
You can benefit from our administration services anytime. You could add them to your dedicated server either during the signup procedure or later on through your billing CP. This shall not take more than several mouse clicks and you could pick the tasks our administrator team will deal with. They are able to keep a weekly backup of your content and restore it anytime if necessary; they're able to keep track of and reboot the dedicated server if some software issue shows up; they are able to update the OS running on the hosting server each week to make sure that there are no security holes and that your files are safe; and last, but not least, they are able to handle everything else you select, like third-party software set up procedures and troubleshooting tasks. You'll be able to choose if you want to use all these services or only a few of them and for what period of time, based upon your experience and on how much time you can spend handling hosting server administration procedures.